About Us

We are committed to customer satisfaction

through our high quality products.

Airfix – professionalism, technology, individual customer approach

Airfix Sp. K. is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic pallet nailing tables with over 15 years of experience in pallet industry. The company was founded on three principles: Expertise, understanding of the wood packaging market and individual approach to customer needs. To meet the growing market demand, Airfix offers simple, cost-effective and universal solutions that improve work efficiency and enable streamlined production of various types of pallets.


Airfix – The future of the pallet industry

Airfix addresses the needs of customers who have not been able to find high quality pallet nailing tables that allow the production of wooden packaging in different sizes. Our priority in developing the product is functionality and well-thought-out technology. In 2016, we introduced the prototype of the Pneumatico table for manual pallet nailing. Today it is our flagship product, eagerly chosen by customers from all over the world.

Our solution – Pneumatico

Pneumatico tables are high-quality products that offer great value for money. The average time for the return on investment is 6 to 12 months.

Our machines are reliable, durable and guarantee a high level of ergonomic comfort and efficiency. Pneumatico tables are manufactured entirely in Europe using only the highest quality components.

At Airfix we listen to the different needs of our customers, which is why we can make pallet nailing tables to order.

We cater to the following companies:

  • Wood packaging manufacturers who need both an automatic pallet nailing line and a machine to produce a smaller order of custom pallets for their customers. Thanks to our solution, they can expand their offer to customers who need different types of pallets in different quantities.
  • Manufacturers of finished products who want to produce wooden packaging for their own use
  • Warehouses and logistics centers that need wooden pallets in non-standard dimensions in a very short time to ship goods. For them, it is a great opportunity to become independent from pallet manufacturers, avoiding long waiting times for packaging and avoid delays in the shipment of goods.

Airfix services have been chosen by customers from more than a dozen of countries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa..

Pneumatico – commitment to sustainability

At Airfix we have made sure that the production of pallets on our Pneumatico tables is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are aware of the high price of wood in recent years. Therefore, unlike automated lines, the Pneumatico tables can use scrap wood or undersized pieces of wood for packaging. We are proud to be able to contribute to the protection of the environment and actively participate in the minimization of post-production waste.